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Step-by-step guide to hosting the perfect quiz night!



2018 Quiz Of The Year! One-off payment - Instant Download

One fantastic ready made 2018 Quiz Of The Year pack!

A full varied themed quiz 

2018 Year Round Up Quiz Pack - Instant Download

Questions, music and challenges

Step-by-step guide to hosting the perfect quiz night!

Bring More People To Your Pub With The UK's #1 Quiz Pack!

Not just a quiz - this is an EVENT!

Quiz Coconut is the most interactive and fun quiz on the market.

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  • Customised quiz sheets featuring your pub’s name and website
  • Signature ‘Interactive Round’
  • Topical content & regular support
  • Draws a crowd of all ages
  • Videos on how to run and host a successful quiz night
  • Proven to triple revenue on a quieter night!

  • Masters Of The Quiz Night The most entertaining quiz night in the UK!
  • 1250+ Quiz Nights Hosted We entertain thousands of people regularly!
  • Let Us Make Your Quiz Night A Success! Call: 07878 782377

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Ready Made Pub Quiz Customers

Looking for a Ready Made Pub Quiz?

Then look no further than Quiz Coconut UK! Inclusive And Interactive Quizzes With Music & More

Our pub quiz packs are full of tried and tested content, that is entertaining and suitable for all ages. Our quiz packs include a music round and our signature interactive round – designed to keep your customers coming back every week. It’s a unique blend of trivia that appeals to academics, creative minds and extroverts alike.

Videos On How To Run And Host A Successful Night

Anyone can download a pub quiz on the internet – with Quiz Coconut you get a quiz event. With video tutorials and tips for marketing your night to be a success you get the whole package to produce a professional quiz night.

Topical Content

Our quiz packs feature fresh, topical content. Whether it’s the latest sports scandal or a viral internet sensation, it could be in the quiz the very next day.

Customisable Quiz Sheets

Our quiz night packs will be sent to you on customised sheets featuring your pub’s name, website and social media handles. Your answer and picture sheets will be unique to your pub and make your quiz night look polished.

Industry Leading Content And Branding

Our sheets are the slickest of any quiz pack on the market. Have look here at how your sheets could look…

Clearly Presented Format

Our sheets make it easy for you to host your own quiz night. Clearly written with instructions; with answers, information, pronunciations and substitute material.

Environmentally Friendly

With our pub quiz packs you are in complete control of how much paper you use. A common problem with other providers is that sheets are sent to the venue with the excess going straight in to the bin. Pub landlords who have started to use us realise how much less paper they are using.

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Masters Of The Quiz Night

The UK's Most Entertaining Quiz! Trivia, Music & Interactive Games

Not Just A Quiz - This Is An Event!

Keeps The Teams Coming Back Week After Week

Customised For You

Bespoke Quiz Sheets And Poster Designs - With Your Pub's Name & Website.

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