Dogstar – The Trendiest Night-Out in Brixton!

Dogstar – The Trendiest Night-Out in Brixton!

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Howdy fellow quiz-goers! Quiz Coconut here to fill-you-in on the latest trivia news. This week, we invite you to learn more about our newest quiz night based in the diverse and down-to-earth Brixton at the renowned, Dogstar.

Situated on Coldharbour Lane, (a place notably mentioned by Brixton-based band Alabama 3 in their debut album Exile on Coldharbour Lane) Dogstar proudly stands as the cornerstone of musical heritage. Open 6 days a week, this three-story institution brings you the trendiest night-out in Brixton with quirky décor and the finest food and atmosphere.

Celebrated for its seasonal stone baked pizzas, Dogstar offers a range of tasty assortments to fire up your taste buds. Like it meaty? The meat-lovers pizza is for you: Topped with mozzarella, chorizo, pepperoni, crispy bacon and onions. Prefer to go veggie? No problem! Tuck into the Farmer pizza with mozzarella, mushrooms, aubergine, grilled peppers and semi-dried tomatoes. They also have vegan options available!

Pizza aside, Dogstar is renowned for its diverse musical exploits, being the first DJ bar with over twenty years of welcoming paramount figures such as Basement Jaxx, Hot Chip, Massive Attack, The Prodigy and The Specials. This place loves to party! Every Thursday and Friday, first-class DJs and promoters fill the dance floor with eclectic tunes and fresh beats to get you in the party mood.

Throughout the week, Dogstar is brimming with diverse, exciting and entertaining events. There’s something for everyone: live band nights, comedy, FIFA football tournaments, craft markets – it even has a pool table. It goes without saying; it also has a really awesome pub quiz! The quiz takes place every Sunday at 8pm. If you win the quiz, you will win a draw-dropping £50 bar tab!

You can find  Dogstar via the following:


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